Getting plastered (day 4)

Preparation is always the most tedious part of a painting project. Changes take place slowly, and mostly consist of fill, wait for the spackle to set, then sand. Fill the bits that still aren’t quite right, wait, sand. Fill. Wait. Sand. Fill. Wait. Sand. Fill. Wait. Sand.

Time becomes suspended, and you feel trapped in a loop of filling and sanding, with no end in sight. You hover between two possibilities: impatience, leading to abandoning this stage too early (so your paint job looks bad, and you wish forever afterwards you had stuck with it. ); or becoming so obsessive you find yourself filling minute holes that the paint would fill unaided, thus infinitely delaying the process. Each time you fill, wait and sand you wonder: Am I being too impatient if I stop now, or have I slipped over into the obsessive?

Luckily, each time the filling part takes less time, as does the sanding. The waiting doesn’t change, though. After the first application the differences are not dramatic. So, it doesn’t make for particularly spectacular ‘ooo’ and ‘aaaah’ photographs, either. I will spare you the ‘guess the difference’ images.

There was, however, one big change today. Up until this morning, one entire wall in our bedroom was covered in mirror tile.

Bedroom before

Very tasteful (not),  and maybe just a little bit kinky. The kinky part didn’t worry me so much. I was, however, more concerned with reflecting my body in such minute detail. Confronting, rather than kinky. I definitely did not want to run the gauntlet of this tile in my birthday suit morning and night.

Besides they are the kind of thing you might find in the lobby of a cheap hotel. The sort of place with plastic palm plants, polyester sheets and those synthetic quilts that crackle with static electricity. And one thing I cannot do is polyester sheets.

In spite of hilarious suggestions that I relocate them onto the ceiling, they had to go.

Tile removal in progress

Safety glasses, and leather work gloves firmly on, and with a scraper in hand, the tiles came off one a time. Until they were all gone.

Post removal

Which, thanks to the double sided tape, left me with some more filling to do. Oh goody.

After first spackling

Now that looks a whole lot better.

Up tomorrow: our bathroom needs spackling, and the holes in the bedroom will need a second go. I am hoping, however, that after sanding, the upstairs will be deemed ‘spackled enough’. Which means the fun begins: painting at last.


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