Ready, steady … wait (day 6)

Well, as of today the new place is finally ready for painting.

My first job of the day was to put a 2nd coat of paint on the kid’s rooms. Nat’s room was simple, just paint, peel off the tape, and it is done! His room has gone from this:

Nat's room before

To this:

Nat's room after

Looking good, and even better, this means that one room is done. Completed, finished. Off the ‘to do’ list. Yeah!

Next on the list was to finish the second coat on Lys’s room, and replace the shelving in the wall cupboard. Her room has gone from this:

Lys's room before

To this:

Lys's room after

Much better!

One of the things that bothered me about Lys’s room, after painting the first coat on her wall and cupboard, was that the doors (which are stained wood) really didn’t fit. I spent the weekend trying to convince myself that they were fine, and I should leave them, but when I arrived here this morning, I decided they had to be painted.

After a quick consult with Lys, we decided that that they would be painted in Benjamin Moore Citron, like the wall cupboard.

Here are the doors before:

Doors before: taped ready for painting

After the first coat, it was pretty clear that they would need 3 coats to cover the wood properly.

after the first coat

Which was confirmed after the 2nd coat:

After the 2nd coat. Looks much better, but still needs another coat

So Lys’s room isn’t quite on the done list yet.

The next job was applying knockdown texture to the hall wall and lintel between the hall and the dining area. I will spare you the spot the difference photo, but suffice to say that it now blends in with the rest of the place, and looks less like that one area was attacked by a crazed plasterer.

The penultimate job for the day was the doors on the upstairs fireplace. They were a most attractive cheap looking brass. As I have plans for the fire surround itself, that brass had to go.

Here is the before image:

Fireplace doors before

I purchased some heat-proof spray paint from the hardware store (you usually use it to repair barbecues), removed the doors, took the whole lot outside into the garden, and masked off the glass.

masked off and ready to spray

Why take it outside?

1. Spray paint fumes are bad for you, and doing this in the house would mean wearing a fume mask for the rest of the day, until the spray paint fumes dissipated. Fume masks are not fun to wear, and I would prefer to spend the minimum amount of time in one.

2. To help the fumes go, I would have to open all the doors and windows, and it was darned cold yesterday. I would rather stand outside and be cold for a short period of time, then return to the heated house, than be cold inside for the rest of the day.

3. Spray paint goes everywhere. It drifts through the air, alighting where it will. It would be poetic if it wasn’t so annoying. In the house this would be a pain in the proverbial. Outside, I was hoping it might kill some weeds …

This is what it looked like during spraying:

During spraying

Because it was so cold yesterday, I had to bring it back inside after spraying, otherwise the paint would not have dried. Once it was dry, I reinstalled it. And here is what it looks like now.

Fireplace doors after

That looks a lot better. This transformation took me half an hour, and cost me $3.99. Now to leave it to cure for a couple of weeks …

The final job for the day was to have a big clean up. I am an enthusiastic worker, and those who know me, know that when I work, I am not exactly tidy. So every once in a while, I have to stop, and sort it all out again before it descends into utter chaos.

That, plus the fact that I am off to Australia to lie in the sun for 2 weeks.

I wanted to return to a tidy work space ready to paint. All the dust gone, spackle debris removed, ready for action. I washed brushes and roller trays from Nat and Lys’s rooms, filled a couple of trash bags with wallpaper and other stuff. Mopped the floors, and put all the tools away.

Then took a deep breath, and thought about what I accomplished in 6 days. A lot.

So, now I am ready for this:

Some of this:

And a whole lot of this:

I feel like I have earned it. And when I return, the work will continue.

There is no internet there, and almost no cell phone reception. So I dont imagine I will be posting while I am away.

But I might just wander down to the internet cafe to let you all know how hard I am working on being relaxed, and enjoying the warmth of the Australia summer. Or I might not.

See you next time.


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