Many hands make light work … or rather paint work (day 8)

Roxy working hard supervising G and I

Today my friend G came to help. Wonderful. She is one of those point-her-at-the-work-and-she-goes-like-a-machine type of helpful friends. Which is the best kind.

Having a friend come to help is a bit of a lottery, really. Sometimes they are like G, which is brilliant, but sometimes they belong in another category of helpful friend. Such as goof-off-and-try-to-distract-you, or hopeless-but-mean-well-so-you-can’t-shout-at-them or the worst: s0-bad-you-have-to-redo-their-work-and-fix-the-mess-they-made.

Today a lot of the progress was invisible. Such as: Gina washed all the walls down with TSP to get rid of the last of the wallpaper glue, and I did some sanding. That is one of the issues I always have with paint preparation. Prep is 90% of the work, but looks like you have done nothing at all. Painting is the easy 10% and is transformational.

One of the first tasks after this was to finish the fireplace. I finished the first coat while Gina washed walls, and she did the 2nd coat later in the day. Go team! Here it is before

Fireplace before

And here it is finished.

Fireplace after

Yay, another job ticked off the to-do list! For those of you wondering if we were drunk when we did the edges, we weren’t. The rest of the wall has yet to be painted, and it was hard enough working the paint into those darned bricks without having to try and maintain a neat edge. Much easier to come at those edges from the wall side.

After the first coat went on the fireplace, I started on something I have been wanting to do for ages. Every fixer you work on has a ‘must do’ job. One thing you hate so much it has to go first. It is an indication of the quality of the rest of decor here that the vertical blinds in the living room lasted so long. 8 whole days before they became priority no. 1.

Here is one of the living room windows before

Vertical drapes in the living room

Notice the drapes are resolutely open. This, in my opinion, is the least offensive position for vertical drapes. I am not a fan of vertical drapes. I know lots of people out there swear by them, but not me. I have, in fact, been known to express loud vociferous opinions about vertical drapes, which cast them in a not-very-nice-light. They had to go.

Drape removal in progress

I took down all of the hanging sections, but was halted in this task by my lack of a shifter or pair of pliers. Who puts nuts and bolts on curtain tracks? Clearly the makers of vertical drapes do. So we are not quite free of them yet. Tomorrow.

I then started on chipping in the kitchen/dining/living area ready for G to let loose with the roller.

Chipping in begins

Chipping in continues

Once G had finished the final coat on the fireplace, she started in with the roller. She got one wall done before it was time to head back across the bay.

One wall done

Tomorrow it will be back to me and Roxy again. And painting the living room will continue. Right after I get those pesky drape tracks down and spackle the holes. Now I must go and put a pair of pliers in my handbag.

Huge thanks to G for her wonderful help today!


3 responses to “Many hands make light work … or rather paint work (day 8)

  1. I wondered what you would do with the fireplace! Brilliant. I’m in a charcoal phase, too.
    And, as you will remember , I HATE venetians and vertical blinds. Open up to the world.
    Roxy looks very comfortable.
    Well done!

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