Decisions, decisions … (day 9)

Another short disrupted working day. It seems to be the way of it this week. So much other moving stuff to consider, it feels like I am squeezing the time to be down working on the house.

I have started mentally dividing tasks into ‘must do’ and ‘if I have time before we move’. My categorization is determined by the question: ‘Will this be disruptive/difficult  to do once we are living here?’ If the answer is yes, it goes on the must do list, if no then the ‘if I have time list’.  Painting the kitchen cupboards, the kitchen floor, finishing the living room and painting our bedroom are all on the ‘must do’ list. Painting bathrooms, the hallway and the downstairs fireplace are not so disruptive, so they are on the ‘if I have time’ list.

My first task for today, though, was to get those vertical drape tracks down. Here is what it looked like once they were gone:

No more vertical drapes

Yes!!! Air punch! I then spackled up the holes, and got on with the rest of the chipping in for the kitchen/dining/living room. It is a long way around.

Chipping in

and finally back to where I started

Now I was ready to get the roller out, and get rolling. Rolling is so easy and quick compared to chipping in. I love it.

Rolling in progress

I am using Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper for the main color in the kitchen/dining/living area. After only one day I am seriously in love with this color. All colors have some ‘slippage’ where they change hue slightly depending on the time of day and the light conditions.

Glass Slipper seems to be particularly mutable, though. Sometimes gray, sometimes it leans more towards blue, sometimes more towards purple. I love colors that shift as much as this. What can I say? I am an artist and color excites me.

Finally the first coat was done. My heart skipped a beat. Now I begin to see my ideas come to fruition. We have a way to go yet, but it looks as lovely as I hoped, the house is starting to realize its potential.

So here are some before and afters, just to remind you (and myself) of how far I have come. Here is the dining room wallpaper before I stripped it:

Wallpaper in the dining space

Here is the dining space after stripping the wallpaper:

Dining space after

And here it is after the first coat of paint:

Dining room after

Here is the kitchen after I removed the wallpaper:

Kitchen after wallpaper removal

And here it is now:

Kitchen after first coat on walls

The living room before:

Living room before

And now:

Living room now

living room and fireplace before

And now:

fireplace and new walls

It is so exciting to see it starting to come together!

Up tomorrow: the second coat on the living room, and getting started on those kitchen cabinets.


One response to “Decisions, decisions … (day 9)

  1. Wow, you got a lot done since I’ve been there the day before last! It’s coming along so well!

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