Accentuate the positive (day 11)

Well today’s post will be short and sweet. Not because I didn’t do a lot, but rather I forgot to take my camera with me. D’oh! I had to resort to using my phone to take photos. Most of which looked exactly like they were taking with an older generation iPhone. Which they were.

So I will spare you the bad photos, and give you the good ones, with the promise of better things to come tomorrow.

Today we had a working bee down at the house. The beloved and the kids came down as well. The boys set to and cleaned out the room we have dubbed ‘the man cave’ for various reasons (a h-u-g-e task).

Here is a before photo of the man cave:

man cave before

It was full of junk left behind by the previous owners. The after photo is going to have to wait until tomorrow, but suffice to say the garage is now full of stuff for the junk men to take away. Now we will have room to store our junk!

While the boys hauled stuff up the stairs from the man cave to the garage, us girls painted the accent wall in the living room.

The accent wall in progress

Again, no after photo for you, as they really didn’t turn out. Either I need to seriously brush up on my phone camera skills, or it is just a low pixel camera that is limited in anything but ideal light.

I also got the first coat of paint on the kitchen cabinets, and none of those photos turned out, so those will have to wait until tomorrow. You will just have to take my word for my assertion that it is looking so much better.

I will take my camera tomorrow. I will take my camera tomorrow. I will take my camera tomorrow. I will take my camera tomorrow.


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