4 more sleeps (day 12)

Yep, 4 more sleeps until we move. 4 more sleeps until we no longer live in the beige palace. 4 more sleeps until we are living in our own little not-beige house.

4 more sleeps and sooooooooo much to do. Eeek, eeek and EEEEEEEEEEEKKKK. Luckily I got a lot done today, so I am feeling slightly less crazed about the whole moving thing.

First up was to put the second coat on the kitchen cabinets. Thankfully today I remembered my camera, so I can show you the results. Here was the kitchen last time you saw it, after I removed the doors:

After door removal

And here it is now:

Current state of the kitchen

Then I set to work on the doors:

Doors drying on the floor

Next job was to finish the accent wall in the living room. Remember what the living room looked like when I started:

living room and fireplace before

And here it is now:

Living room done!

Meanwhile Dan the plumber came to put the gas line in for the new range, which will be delivered and installed tomorrow. He did a great job and cleaned up after himself. He even vacuumed. Gotta love a plumber who vacuums …

So while he was in the kitchen I got started on our bedroom, which is the second last thing on my ‘must do before we move’ list. Here what it looked like last time you saw it, just after mirror tile removal and spackling:

Bedroom ready for painting

And here is the first coat on one wall:

One wall done

And yes, I am going to paint the whole thing this color. Wont it be overwhelming having one tiny room that deep blue color, I can hear you ask? Well, no. It is a complete nonsense that painting a small room a light color makes it seem bigger.

Our room is tiny; it will literally be a bed-room, because that is about all we will be able to fit in it: our bed. Painting it a deep rich color works with the space, making it cocoon-like, rather than trying to make it pretend it is something it isn’t. It is never going to be anything but a small room, better to embrace it for what it is, and make it spectacular in its smallness.

Having said that, I am thinking of doing something with one of the walls … watch this space on that one.

I stopped painting the bedroom, as I was running out of time, and my priority was to get the first coat of paint on the kitchen floor. I washed it with TSP, then again with deglosser, and got that first coat down:

First coat of paint on the floor

Up tomorrow: the new range goes in, I finish the bedroom, and the kitchen cabinets, and the floor … wish me luck.


4 responses to “4 more sleeps (day 12)

  1. Wow, the floor turned out really well!!! Job well done!!

  2. What sort of floor paint do they make these days that will hold up to shoes?

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