Done, done and … (day 13)

Uh oh ... Roxy walked across the wet kitchen cabinet doors

Done. Well, sort of done. When I say done, I mean Stage 1 is done. My ‘must do’ list is complete. Today was a painting ultra-marathon: 2 coats on our bedroom and 2nd coats on the kitchen cabinet doors and kitchen floor. There is still the rest of the house to do, but we can at least move in.

First job today was to put the first coat of paint on the bedroom:

1st coat on the bedroom

The first coat always looks a bit patchy

As soon as the first coat was on, I started to get that excited feeling. The color was perfect!

While it was drying I put the next coat on the kitchen cabinet doors, then got out the epoxy paint I used on the floor of the kitchen and painted the hearth tiles in the living room. I decided to use the epoxy paint, because of the hard treatment they will receive when we have fires in there. After painting I replaced the doors. This is how it looked yesterday:

Living room with unpainted hearth tiles!

And here it is now:

Living room completed!

Now all it needs is furniture and some art.

By now 3 hours had passed and I could put a 2nd coat on our bedroom. First though, a reminder of where it all started:

Our bedroom before (yes we had a wall of mirror tiles)

And after:


Our bedroom before (with a wall of wallpaper)

And now:

I love this color. Deep, rich and luminous. It even makes the tan carpet look almost ok. Almost. I love how the room now thrums with color.

It will always be a small room, but now it glows. Painted a light color it would look poky, but this dark blue gives it personality, defines it as a space in its own right. Light colors would say: I wish this room was bigger, whereas this deep blue celebrates it. It is cozy, embracing. The depth of the color gives depth to the space, belying its size.

I can’t wait to hang some art on these walls.

After finishing the bedroom, the final coat went on the kitchen cabinet doors:

Final coat on the cabinet doors

That completes the painting of the kitchen cabinets. Now I just have to find a minute or two to put the handles back on, and rehang those doors.

The last job of the day was to put the second coat of epoxy paint on the vinyl tiles in the kitchen. Here is what they looked like before:

Vinyl tiles on kitchen floor before

And now:

detail of painted kitchen floor tiles

Floor done!

Painting the old vinyl tiles is something of an experiment. I used an epoxy floor and patio paint by Benjamin Moore. They tinted it in ‘Abyss’ which is the same color I used on the fireplace in the living room.

I will be very interested to see how well they wear, and if they live up to Mr Paint Man’s claims. I am feeling quite positive that it will be fine: the guys who came to install our new range wheeled/dragged the old cooker across the first coat, and it didn’t seem to do any damage, so I am hopeful that this interim solution to those awful old tiles will work.

I figure anything would be an improvement on the old tiles, and even if it wears badly, I can always add another coat of paint. It will do until we redo the whole thing.

And yes, this dark grey will show all the dirt, but I have already been trained into doing a daily mop of the floors by the blonde wood kitchen floors in the Beige Palace. I figure it is a small price to pay for a dark glossy floor.

They didn’t end up installing the range, as we need a different wall socket for it. The ancient one we have is no longer used. Another job for Paul the Electrician. Hopefully we will have it done by Friday when we move in.

After I finished the floor,  it was way past time to drive back to the Beige Palace. The next two days will be a packing frenzy. Then, the fun part: arranging the furniture, and hanging art. And some not so fun parts: unpacking everything and getting organized!

So I am taking a leave of absence for a few days while moving, but I will be back soon with images of what it looks like with all our stuff in it.


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