Totally marble-ous

I love it when serendipity throws things your way.

The beloved replaced some of the light fixtures (or light fittings as we would call them in Australia) in our kitchen and downstairs bathroom the other day (and there is a post coming on that in future). So we had 4 unwanted light fixtures to get rid of.

We could have thrown them out, but who knows, maybe someone might have a use for them? So instead of adding them to landfill, I took them down and donated them to our local salvage yard.

Now, I have remodeled enough houses on a low budget to know that you never EVER go to a salvage yard without having a good look around. You never know what gem you might find. They have new stuff coming in all the time.

I carry all of the measurements for things I want to replace or fix in the house in the notes section of my phone. That way if I do see something I like or need, then I know if it is going to fit and I can grab it.

So when I found two boxes of Carrera marble floor tiles tucked away on a bottom shelf among boxes of other dreary uninteresting tiles I whipped out my tape measure (yes I am a sad puppy who permanently has a tape measure in her bag), counted the tiles, did some multiplication, and realized that there was enough full tiles there to do the upstairs bathroom floor. Plus there were a stack that had been cut in half, and then a smattering of broken ones.

Two crates of marble tile, just waiting for me

Then I went into haggle mode. The beloved is much much better at haggling than me, but I have learned a few tricks from watching him in action. I knew by the layer of dust on top of these tiles that they had been there for a while. So I figured I was in with a chance for a bargain.

The tiles had a sign saying $1.60 each sitting on top, I found one of the guys that works there, put on my most winning smile, and asked him how much it would be if I took the lot off his hands. We settled on 75 cents per tile for the full size unbroken ones, and he threw in the others for nothing.

75 cents per tile for tiles that normally cost AT LEAST $7 per tile. $7 was the cheapest I could find them for on the internet. B.A.R.G.A.I.N.

Of course, when I got them home the beloved said he could have got them for 60 cents or less, but that was just his haggling pride talking. Actually, if he was there, he certainly would have got them for less, he truly is king of haggling, and I stand humbly in his shadow.

75 cents per tile instead of $7? That will do me!!

As it is I am doing a happy dance. Happy happy happy. That bathroom is going to look amazing with these tiles on the floor.

Before I get to the upstairs bathroom, though, I have so many other things to do. In the meantime, it is great to know that one of the items on our ridiculously long list of Things We Need For The House has been found.

Now I am off to file them in our undercroft until they are needed. Happy happy happy.


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