He’s got the blues …

Nat’s room is done. Finally, truly, nothing-left-to-do done. Phew!

I know, I know I am MEANT to be finishing my studio! But I will say in my defense that finishing Nat’s room was a kind of by-product of working on finishing my studio.

Let me explain! The last 3 studio boxes were waiting in Nat’s room, and this morning I unpacked them. Having unpacked them I realized that there was nothing in the way of Nat’s room being finished except a little tweaking and a darn good clean. He is a teenage boy after all.

So I allowed myself to be side-tracked, just for an afternoon, made his room camera-ready and snapped off some shots.

Before I show you the very first real ‘after’ shots of our new place, here is a reminder of what Nat’s room looked like before.

Before: an empty white box

If you remember back a couple of months, painting one wall of Nat’s room cobalt blue (as per his request) was one of the first jobs I finished in the house. The color is Benjamin Moore Ol’ Blue Eyes

Nat's room after painting

And here it is now:

So there you have it, one room ticked off my long long ‘to do’ list. I think it came up pretty well, don’t you?

Nat is 13, and I think his room manages to skate that edge between still being a child (with lego and dinosaurs) and being a proper full-on teenager (with a reading chair, his guitar and some cool art works), in much the same way as being 13 does.

I think he has enough space here to hang out and be himself. And his room will grow with him.

I don’t expect it will ever look this tidy again, though.


5 responses to “He’s got the blues …

  1. GREAT JOB! Your color scheme makes the room look bigger!! I have to say, I hear ya, on the room not ever looking that tidy again! πŸ™‚

  2. It looks great! So roomy πŸ™‚

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