That sinking feeling

Sometimes a sinking feeling can be a good thing. I still get a thrill every time I see our new sink and faucet/tap and get to use it. But a sinking feeling can also be bad. Which is what happened every time I looked at the old sink, and wondered what on earth I was going to do with it, now we had removed it.

We are so delighted with our new sink and faucet. Even our 13 year old had to concede I had done a great job. He actually said ‘Oh wow. Mum, that’s awesome.’ Imagine.

Much to everyone’s relief I have stopped turning the tap on and off and saying ‘look it works, look at it, it works, it works. Look! Look! Look!’ with a h-u-g-e grin on my face every five minutes. I am down to about twice a day now.

Every time I did, though, there was a tiny little thought that kept niggling away at me, taking away from the pleasure of our new sink: what to do with the old one? The one that took my neighbor and me to lift it?

It lurked there, where we dumped in our front yard:

Even sitting there it irritated me. Our next rubbish clean up day is months away, and I hated the idea of it sitting there until then.

I knew our local salvage yard wouldn’t take it as it was, but it was a good solid sink, built to last, except for the enamel. Who would want it, in it’s awful stained condition? Maybe I should just take it to the dump?

Having saved one sink from landfill, however, I was reluctant to commit another to the rubbish mountain.

And then I had one of my moments of brilliance. I posted it in the Free section on Craigslist, thinking that, however unlikely it may seem, maybe, just maybe, someone might like it for their garage or studio or workshop or something …

And much to my astonishment about 20 people wanted it for exactly that reason.

Yesterday, one of them came and collected it.

So now it is gone, and I can bask in the glory of my new sink, while polishing my green halo.

Because last week I saved two sinks from landfill. And that is the best sinking feeling, ever.


2 responses to “That sinking feeling

  1. Good on ya, Clare!

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