Because life is too short for beige …

Quirk Street seeks out, stumbles upon, finds, creates and engages with furniture and objects from everyday life. Inspired by the magpie, a scavenging bird who discovers shiny things and takes them back to its nest, Quirk Street collects things which catch the eye. These are altered, manipulated and rejuvenated, creating new uses for things others have left behind.

Clare Bond, the brains, creator, designer, blogger, hands-on maker and general dogsbody behind Quirk Street is an artist, whose non-Quirk Street practice embraces mixed media sculpture and installation (see her sculptural work here). Quirk Street would not be possible without her ability to manipulate different materials and turn them into art works. Plus the 3 houses she has remodeled, and her all important ‘Pfft. I can do that’ blinkers. Over the course of many years she has learned woodwork, metalwork, welding, sewing, painting, finishing, sanding, carving, engraving, quilting, ceramics, glazing, drywall, tiling, mosaic and much much more.

All of this is brought to bear on the furniture and objects that form Quirk Street’s oevre. And more recently on the house she and her beloved bought in California’s Bay Area, after moving there from Sydney, Australia in March 2011.

She blogs once a week about what she is up to in the studio; remodeling projects in the house and garden; or progress with developing Quirk Street into a business. Major projects get daily updates, and sometimes extra posts will crop up when something particularly exciting has happened.

Please read, and enjoy.


2 responses to “About

  1. I just love it, Clare! Thank god the planet has the few rare souls like you!

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