Floor Plans

I was tooling around on the internet (that great time waster) this morning when I stumbled across this fantastic site called Floorplanner.

As you would expect, it allows you to draw up floor plans for your house. And it’s free. Air punch!!!

I was so excited to find it, as there is no better way to figure out what to do with your place than to play around with a floor plan. Consequently, it had been on the ‘to do’ list for some time.

Armed with our digital measurer, I have spent a very constructive morning measuring it out and drawing the plan. It was tricky because of the interesting asymetric layout the bedrooms and bathrooms have upstairs. But I eventually managed it.

So, here is upstairs:

Floor plan for upstairs

The first thing that strikes me is how much wasted space there is in the middle of our upstairs floor. There has to be a better way …

And now to do downstairs …


3 responses to “Floor Plans

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